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Today we brought a mechanical tube mod with side firing button, the Bestia Mods Furia Mechanical Mod Clone, This mod comes in 3 colors now, it is made from Brass or Copper and with black ring. The Furia Clone Tube Mod is powered by 1 x 18650 / 20700 / 21700 battery (not included). The Furia 18650 / 20700 / 21700 Tube Mod is with side fire and venting cap on.

Aspects are the basis for all of Thaumcraft's resources, structures and research. They represent the "flavors" of magical energy (vis and essentia), and the knowledge used for research. Nearly every item, block, construct, and entity (including mobs) in Thaumcraft (or add-ons designed for Thaumcraft) is represented by a characteristic combination of aspects. (Players have Humanus and two.

- The block form of the mutant skeleton skull has been removed to allow the mutant skeleton skull to properly be considered 'armor' by other mods. If you have a skull placed in your world, pick it up before using this update in the world! - Added spawn egg for endersoul clone - Mutant Skeletons can spawn in Nether Fortresses.

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Advent of Ascension has direct compatibility with Thaumcraft. AoA adds direct support for Thaumcraft when the mod is present. This integration can be disabled within AoA by setting enabled to false in the Thaumcraft subcategory of the Integrations Config. AoA adds aspects to numerous raw materials and blocks for Thaumcraft. Thaumcraft itself automatically assigns aspects to most non-raw.

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Bestia NSFW. Created by Peak in Heaven. If you don't like booba, demon booba, pixel booba, then this mod ins't for you. "Bestia NSFW" is a mod that replaces The Beast with a big jiggly milf demon. Yeh, It got out of control and I did a plus lewd plus nipples plus +18 version of this waifu dem.

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